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Eric G.E. Zuelow
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Site Last Updated 2 December 2009

The Nationalism Project is one of the most widely used nationalism studies resources on the Internet and provides users with a clearinghouse for scholarly nationalism information including: leading definitions of nationalism, book reviews, web links, subject bibliographies, a bibliography of more than 2,000 journal articles, and much more. The site was created in 1999 by Eric G.E. Zuelow, currently Assistant Professor of Modern European History at West Liberty State College. The Nationalism Project is loosely affiliated with the Association for Research on Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Americas (ARENA), an informal association of international scholars dedicated to the study of nationalism in both North and South America.

The Nationalism Project is a scholarly website and is not affiliated with any nationalist groups or organizations. No political agenda is being advocated by this site; it is intended purely as an educational resource. While scholarly submissions are welcome, contributions containing any clearly ideological political bias will not be accepted.