Bibliography of Journal Articles (1980-)

The purpose of this page is to provide a quick reference guide to articles which have been published in important journals concerning topics related to nations and nationalism. The list included here does not cover all journals which publish related articles, nor does it necessarily cover all the years that each journal has been published.

It was necessary for reasons of time to install a cutoff date. 1980 is a reasonable date for a variety of reasons. Most notably, prior to 1980 there was not the same level of interest which now surrounds the topic. After Benedict Anderson and Ernest Gellner published their important books in 1983, a series of important studies began appearing. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, interest in nationalism expanded even more. This is not to say that excellent work was not done prior to 1980, only that interest since that time has expanded exponentially.

Journal bibliographies are being added to this site as frequently as possible. Every effort has been made to avoid missing articles. If an omission has been made, please contact Nationalism Project editor Eric Zuelow.