The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN): Founded in 1990, by research students and academics at the London School of Economics andPolitical Science, ASEN has established itself as the leading interdisciplinary,non-political association for the study of ethnicity and nationalism.

American Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Americas (ARENA): The scholarly discussion on nationalism has traditionally focused on Europe and areas of the contemporary world (Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia) troubled by ethno-nationalist conflict. ARENA will encompass all aspects of nationalism and national identity, but it seeks in particular to stimulate interest in a comparatively neglected area, the Americas, where nationalism and national identities emerged out of former colonies with multi-ethnic immigrant populations and thereby took particular forms. Our aim will be to "Americanize" the conversation on nationalism, by which we mean not only to expand the scope of the debate, but also to bring the particular experience of multi-ethnic immigrant American nations to bear on that debate.

American Political Science Association (APSA): Site provides information about race, ethnicity and politics, as well as teaching and research.

Association for the Study of Nationalities: "The Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) is composed of scholars, researchers, policy makers and administrators interested in nationalities problems and issues of ethnic conflict, with a focus on the former Soviet Union and the countries of Eastern Europe. ASN publishes a quarterly journal, Nationalities Papers, a monograph series in "Issues Studies", a series of topical reports on up-to-date issues titled Analysis of Current Events (ACE), and a newsletter, ASNews. ASN sponsors an annual convention each spring devoted to ethnic and national issues as well as running panels at disciplinary conferences like the American Historical Association and the American Political Science Association."

Consortium of Minority Resources (COMIR): "COMIR is an Internet-based cooperative project that aims at promoting the free flow of information and dialogue in the field of ethnic relations, multicultural politics and minority rights. COMIR aims to establish a clearinghouse of information and activities relevant to Europe (OSCE region) to support democratic governance of multiethnic and multinational societies. To this end, COMIR develops and promotes virtual libraries, mailing lists, a database of full text documents, training materials, etc. Major initiatives include a Virtual Library, coordinated mailing lists, a meta-search engine across founders' web sites, a Minority Rights Practitioneers Resource Pack, a best practice database, curriculum development and advocacy training."