Nationalism Links

These pages include links to both primary and secondary nationalism resources on the Internet. Over the past several years, the number of these resources has begun to expand dramatically. As a result, keeping these pages up-to-date will be a challenge. Please send link suggestions or bad links to the Webmaster.

Cultures and identities are complex.  In order to understand 'nationalism', it is important to look at a variety of issues involved in constructing that identity.  It is my hope that these lists of links will prove a useful tool for those looking at the evolution/construction of identities, or those simply interested in seeing what's available online.

Lists such as these must necessarily include links to ideas and arguments that are offensive to many, if not most, people. It should be understood that nationalism takes many forms and many of these forms are not pleasant. Ignoring less acceptable arguments does not move us any closer to understanding how nationalism works or why people believe what they do. For example, while most people find Nazi ideology deeply offensive, ignoring German history from Weimar to the end of the Second World War is hardly a viable alternative. These links are provided for scholarly use and should be read critically as primary sources.