Nationalism Journals

Ab Imperio: This journal is focused on theories of nationalism, history of empire, nationalism, and nationalities in the Russian empire, Soviet Union, and post-soviet realm. "The journal features interdisciplinary approaches to phenomenon of nationalism. One of the objectives set for the periodical is fostering the international academic exchange including the translation of recent research by Russian and Western scholars into respective languages." The journal is available on the Web, but requires a subscription. It is available in English, Russian and German.

Asian Ethnicity: This journal provides a cross-disciplinary, international venue for the publication of well-researched articles about ethnic groups and ethnic relations in the half of the world where questions of ethnicity now loom largest. Asian Ethnicity is broad-ranging and includes ethnology, anthropology, political science, history, economics, human and economic geography, demography, language, literature, the arts, religious studies, and international relations. It covers all time periods, although the greatest focus is on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. More particular topics include: the rise and implications of ethnic identities among Asian minorities; theoretical issues relating to minorities, either in many of the regions covered by the journal or in one of the political states within it; anthropological studies of particular minorities within the physical boundaries specified, either in a single or in more than one political state; the effect of religion on the livelihood or economy of particular minorities or of minorities living in a particular political state; ethnic gender studies, especially of women; theoretical issues arising from the study of Asia’s minorities; population studies of minorities and the effect of minorities on the international relations of a particular political state, either past or present.

Nations and Nationalism: "Now in its fourth year of publication, Nations and Nationalism is a multidisciplinary, scholarly journal specifically designed to respond to the growing research interest in nationalism that has been stimulated by the increasing proliferation of nationalist movements throughout the world. In addition to publishing original articles, the journal includes commissioned book reviews and review articles. Special issues highlight subjects and areas of current interest. Articles are drawn from a wide variety of disciplines including political science and theory, international relations, sociology, history, geography, anthropology, law, linguistics, cultural studies, area studies, economics, social policy, social psychology, art history, archaeology and philosophy. Articles address all aspects of nationalism, theoretically, empirically, comparatively, and historically."

Nationalism & Ethnic Politics Home Page: "The purpose of this journal is to explore the varied political aspects of nationalism and ethnicity in order to develop more constructive intergroup relations. It contains both case studies and comparative and theoretical analyses. It deals with pluralism, ethno-nationalism, irredentism, separatism, and related phenomena, and it examines processes and theories of ethnic identity formation, mobilization, conflict and accommodation in the context of political development and 'nation-building'. Nationalism & Ethnic Politics compares and contrasts state and community claims, and deals with such factors as citizenship, race, religion, economic development, immigration, language, and the international environment. Nationalism & Ethnic Politics is open to a variety of approaches and its articles reflect a variety of political science orientations, ranging from 'grand theory' to 'nominalist' and from 'primordialist' to state-centred approaches."

Nationalities Papers: "Nationalities Papers is the only journal in the world which deals exclusively with all non-Russian nationalities of the former USSR and national minorities in Eastern and Central European countries. The problems and importance of over 160 million people are treated within the disciplinary and methodological contexts of post-Soviet and Europe-Asia studies. Of central concern is the fate of the Balts, Ukrainians, Jews, Gypsies, Croats, Muslims etc., and the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Nationalities Papers is an international and multidisciplinary journal with contributors and readers throughout North America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Far East, Japan and the People's Republic of China. Included in each issue are in-depth updates on the latest developments, some original documents, lists of the most recent publications from throughout the world and book reviews. Nationalities Papers is a publication of the Association for the Study of Nationalities."

National Identities: (NEW JOURNAL IN 1999) "National identity has been one of the principal forces shaping the course of history, certainly since the French Revolution. It has played a key role in revolutions, wars and state-formation. Indeed, since the late eighteenth century the nation–state has become the characteristic state form, though why that should be and whether this situation will continue are matters of legitimate debate. But what shapes these identities and loyalties? How do they develop, or come to coalesce around particular political forms? What are the emblems and symbols which convey and support identity, and how are they used? This new journal will explore the formation and expression of national identity from antiquity to the present day. It will examine the role in forging identity of cultural (language, architecture, music, gender, religion, the media, sport, encounters with ‘the other’, etc.) and political (state forms, wars, boundaries) factors, by examining the ways in which these have been shaped and changed over time. And the historical significance of ‘nation’ in political and cultural terms will be considered in relationship to other important and in some cases countervailing forms of identity such as religion, region, tribe or class. The focus will be on identity, rather than the contingent political forms which may express it. The proposed journal will not be prescriptive or proscriptive in its approach. Instead, it will act as a forum within which the growing number of scholars working in this field can explore this important subject. Comparative perspectives will be encouraged, and the journal will feature regular review essays as well as book reviews."

Space and Polity: This "is a fully refereed scholarly international journal devoted to the theoretical and empirical understanding of the changing relationships between the state, and regional and local forms of governance. The Journal provides a forum aimed particularly at bringing together social scientists currently working in a variety of disciplines, including geography, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology and development studies and who have a common interest in the relationships between space, place and politics in less developed as well as the advanced economies. The following areas are of particular interest: state-society relationships and emergent patterns of regional and local governance, representations and meaning of power and the reterritorialization of space, state-local/central-local relations, decentralization, regionalism, nationalism, secession, the politics of urban and rural restructuring, federalism and federalization, local fiscal restructuring, globalization and local political change, grassroots mobilization and local politics, 'new' cultural identities and local political processes, citizenship and globalization, and redefining territorial sovereignty in the global era.

Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism: Formerly the ASEN Bulletin, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism has expanded considerably in recent years to include a varied collection of articles and book reviews, as well as extensive listings of nationalism-related courses around the world, web resources, scholarly associations, and other related journals and bulletins. Perhaps most importantly, the journal seeks to privide students and younger academics with a platform for discussing work in progress. It is fully refereed. Those interested in reviewing books for this journal should consult ASEN's books available for review page.