Spainish, Catalan, & Basque Nationalism Links

Bull Fighting in Spain: Often seen as barbaric by outsiders, bull fighting has long been an important component of Spanish culture. While today football (soccer) undoubtedly has more fans, bull fights continue and remain important symbols of Spanish culture. This site contains links to a number of pages concerned with bull fighting, including a site that traces the sport's history.

Reflexive Nationalism - The Catalan Debate: This is a collection of responses to an article published by Global Times called Reflexive Nationalism and Politically Correct Imperialism (available at this site) by a number of scholars and deals with the Catalan's struggle for independence from Spain.

Catalan Nationalism Hits The Web: This BBC News article addresses internet use by Catalan nationalists. Contains links to relevant sites.

Center for Basque Studies - University of Nevada, Reno: This research center conducts and publishes Basque-related research in the fields of anthropology, history, women's studies, cultural studies, literature, bibliography, and lexicography. Research topics have included migration, nationalism, women and literature, ethnographies of Basque society, political violence, and the international discourse of terrorism. Site includes news about the Center's activities, a list of publications, and information about programs being run through the center.

Euskal Herria - The Baque Country: Primarily a tourist site, this page contains a map of the region as well as a virtual tour. There is also information about folklore and traditions, Basque sport, history, gastronomy, festivals, universities, as well as links ot newspapers and journals. While not "scholarly," this is nevertheless a useful introductory site.

Basque Country Tourism: The official tourist site for the area. Again, it is certainly not a scholarly site, but there is a great deal to be learned about how a people "sell" themselves to visitors.

Elite Pelote Basque: Pelote is an important national sport in the Basque country. You will find information on classifications, rules, history, objectives, and scores - among other information. The site is in French, Spanish, and Basque.

Basque Red Net: A Marxist site concerned with the conflict between Spain and the Basque people, as well as class war. Contains a variety of articles. The group itself is comprised of "people who are radical communist, basque independentist, feminist and ecologist and who are interested in information and communication."

Basque Conflict Spreads to Web: This is an article about nationalist use of the internet and contains links to several non-English language Basque nationalist sites. It is published by

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