Africa: Suggested Readings

Introductory note by Professor Young: The brief bibliography which follows includes both major nationalist texts, and analytical treatment of nationalism in Africa. The rise of anti-colonial nationalism in the 1950s sparked the first array of studies and statements by key nationalists. After independence, "nationalism" as analytical field faded from the scene, as few new major texts appeared, and students of African politics turned their attention to other topics. A new variant of nationalism appeared in the 1970s, with the importation of dependency theory from Latin America; this in turn faded when a deepening crisis of the African state became apparent by 1980. Nationalism in Africa rarely attracted much attention from the great figures influencing the study of nationalism more broadly. However, the surprising persistence of the African state system in the face of frequent state failure or even collapse attracted renewed attention; even where states became mere predators supplying few services to the citizenry, an affective attachment to the territorial entity seemed to persist.

The African as colonial subject was at once racialized as black (African), and territorialized by the container established by the colonial partition. Pan-Africanism emerged as a continental form of nationalism; some of its major works are included here. But liberation from colonial rule required territorial organization, which provided the dominant frame for nationalist expression. Another crucial form of solidarity, ethnicity, transformed and heightened by the colonial experience, is not included here; a remarkable aspect of ethnic consciousness in Africa is that, with only a few exceptions (Buganda, Oromo, Zulu), it does not really take the form of ethnonationalism. Comparative studies on nationalism are included only if they included significant reflection on nationalism in Africa.

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- M. Crawford Young
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison