Suggested Readings

In recent years, the literature on nationalism has grown exponentially. Scholars in a variety of disciplines and concerned with virtually every region of the world have turned their attention to understanding this important subject. This proliferation has led to a baffling number of books.

The lists found here are designed to help you navigate this growing literature. They have been compiled by experts in each area or discipline. The author of each list has been clearly listed at the bottom of each page. Lists vary in length based on the perogative of the individual constructing the list. Finally, reflecting the nature of scholarship, each list represents a work-in-progress. As the scholars involved unearth new texts, they may add or subtract from the lists currently published.

Please note that the "Recent Books" list is not a suggested reading list. It contains a listing of works not yet added to the Book Reviews/Abstracts section. In most cases, the books listed here are recently published, though some older books are included as well. It is a worthwhile bibliography and can be used to get a general idea of the sort of books currently in publication.